Ministry Teams


Ministry Teams

Church Teams

Are you looking for a place to serve. Our Church Teams provide opportunities to volunteer outside of the Bible study areas like teaching, small groups leaders, etc. To volunteer for any ministry area including small groups leaders go to My Serve and take our survey. One of our volunteer counselors will follow up with you.
Door Greeting Team

This team is stationed at our doors on Sundays and greet all who enter.

Extended Session

This team works with preschoolers during our Worship Services to allow parents to attend worship.

FLC Volunteer Desk

This person helps people check-in and monitors activities at our Family Life Center. Volunteers are asked to work 3 hours per month.

Grounds Team

The Grounds Team assists in overseeing contracted and volunteer landscaping services.

Media Team

This team is responsible for all visual media used during our worship services.

Medical Team

This team supervises and maintains medical equipment needed onsite and responds to medical needs while emergency responders are in route.

Offering Team

These people receive the offering on Sundays.

Properties Team

This team monitors the condition of the buildings and recommends modifications, improvements, and repairs.

Social Team

This team plans and implements decorating, food service, and clean-up for church-wide events.

Transportation Team

Transports elderly and mobility challenged to and from worship services on Sunday mornings. They also maintain the vehicles.

Ushering Team

These people make sure that the Worship Center is ready each week and help people with seating and medical needs.

Worship Center Greeting Team

Cheerfully greet people at the interior doors as they enter the Worship Center.

Worship Center Sound and Lighting Team

Responsible for Sound and lighting needs in the church and operate that equipment on Sundays.