Family Life Center


Family Life Center

Kevin Richard | Minister of Family Life 
Loyd Wells | FLC Ministry Assistant       



 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday:  8:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Wednesday:  8:00 AM - 5:00 PM     Friday: 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM      Closed Saturday & Sunday

Note: We always need more FLC Front Desk Volunteers! Contact us for more information about serving in this way.

The Family Life Center exists for both spiritual and physical well-being. We believe exercising your spirit, through fellowship with other believers and intentional discipleship, is vital to the Christian life.
Our FLC offers indoor amenities such as a high school regulation basketball court, a walking track, weight machines and free weights, treadmills, and exercise classes at various times throughout the week.
Outside we open our sand volleyball courts, 9-hole disc golf course (which can be played backward for 18-holes), and a "gaga ball" pit to the community for use at any time. 

The Family Life Center sponsors many different classes and events throughout the year. Check back here to see what is coming soon!

Our Fitness classes are open to everyone in the community and for both beginners and experienced levels alike!

Living Well: A Free Class for Senior Citizens!
    Mondays & Wednesdays, 1:30 PM, FLC     Tuesdays & Thursdays, 10:15 AM, FLC

Morning Classes at 9am
   Monday Cardio Toning     

This class will get your week started out right with the combination  of  resistance training with  a cardio set in between to keep your body moving.  Toning exercises will utilize weights and bands while cardio movements are designed to increase your heart rate for 15- 30 seconds intervals.

Tuesday Cardio Crunch     

This class takes your cardio up a notch.  We typically combine light weights with cardio moves to get your heart pumping (Cardio intervals/weights may vary).  The last quarter of this class is focused on strengthening your core/abdominal muscles.

Wednesday Circuit Training     

This midweek class is a change of pace as you go from one toning/cardio/balance exercise circuit to the next. The emphasis is determined by a set amount of time to complete each circuit before you proceed to the next.  It’s a long loved “class”ic by our clients!

Thursday 20/20/20     

This class is designed to change each week so that you never get bored at the end of the week and want to skip class.   The exercise format changes every  20 minutes to a different type of exercise.  This class will use various formats from Kickboxing, Pilates, Step, Swiss Balls, Bands, Body Pump etc.   The instructor’s 20+ years of knowledge keeps this class fresh.

Friday Stretch and Tone     

After a week of pushing yourself, this class is an hour of relaxing and rejuvenating your mind and body.  It’s a great class to start if you’re just getting back into exercise.   You’ll  stretch muscles along with slow Pilates’ inspired movements to help create a balanced lifestyle and fitness routine.

*Cost: All classes are $3 each. A 12-visit credit can be purchased for $27. For more information contact Loyd Wells or Kevin Richard.


Get ready for not only a new body but for a new life. Whether it’s losing weight, toning up, building muscle, increasing stamina, or preparing for a race, One To One Personal Training will help you reach your fitness goals through personalized training. Our trainers will guide you on the fitness path avoiding common mistakes that waste your time and keep you from achieving your best. We’ll teach you techniques that will get you the fitness results that you’ve always wanted.

The fee structure is $30 per session for one client; $50 per session for two clients (shared). Contact Loyd for more Details!