Contact List for Leadership Team


Contact List for Leadership Team


Daniel Crowther, Senior Pastor,

Bobie Miller, Associate Pastor and Minister of Music,

Kelley Trimble, Executive Administrator,

Jeff Fuqua, Minister of Education, 

Bill McMillin, Minister of Missions,

Tico Montoya, Minister of Young Adults and Men,

Trish Gibb, Women's Ministry Leader,

Jennifer Evans, Minister of Childhood Education,

Erin Ripley, Preschool Ministries Coordinator & The Learning Center Director,

Kevin Richard, Minister of Family Life,



Jane Logan, Music Ministry Administrative Assistant,

Brenda Wells, Education Ministry Administrative Assistant, 

Kim Pressly, Education Ministry Administrative Assistant,

Loyd Wells, Family Life Ministry Administrative Assistant,

Michelle Parkman, Receptionist,

Chantal Daniels, Education Ministry Administrative Assistant - Children and Students,

Christine Jones, Education Ministry Assistant - Publications,

Tommy Arnold, Facilities Manager,